The Easiest Way To Get Siri On iPhone iPod Touch (Video)

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Siri one of the most popular feature of the iPhone 4S has created a lot of buzz especially after hackers managed to port it to a non-iPhone 4S device such as an iPhone 4 or an iPod touch. You might be wondering if there is an easy way to get the Siri on your iPhone or iPod touch, well what if we tell you there is a way and all you have to do is simply back up from an iPhone 4S! Yes you read that right.

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A developer by the name of “Apple Gordon” has managed to do what so many developers have been trying to do for so many months. To port Siri to an iPod touch without the need of any coding or installing anything.

This developer recently bought an iPod touch and instead of setting it up as a new device he restored it from an iPhone 4S back up. That apparently got Siri on the iPod touch!

As simple as that.

A video showing an iPod touch running Siri. This iPod was restored from an iPhone 4S backup, and somehow the Siri files came along with it. While this iPod is jailbroken, it contains no 3rd party Siri tweaks or hacks to enable Siri. Siri as itself doesn’t connect to Apple’s servers, but it’s reported that Siri dictation works just fine.

Now before you even think of doing this, let me remind you that if you restore an iOS device from another one, it will brick your device. Which basically means is that you wont be able to use it again. So I DO NOT recommend that you do this as there is a huge risk associated with it.

The person who managed to do this mentioned that he has done the same for his Verizon iPhone 4 and got Siri on it. Well it is very hard to believe that.

For those users who want to try out Siri on the iPhone, we previously posted a guide showing how to get Siri on non-iPhone 4S devices.

What do you think is it real or fake?

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