Here Is What Your Serial Number Tells About Your iPhone

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Ever wondered what that serial number in your iPhone is for? Well if you have been wondering, look no further, as we now know what that serial number on your iPhone does.

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The serial number on your iPhone is not just some random generated numbers in fact it tells a lot about the iPhone, like where it was made, year of manufacturing, week of production, the color and much more! Yes folks, we are not making this up, it has now been proven that the serial number tells all this information.

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To check your serial number for your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > About and just below the Model Number you can check your serial number.

The folks over at iFixIT managed to get this information about the serial number.

Serial numbers come in the form AABCCDDDEEF which can be read as follows:

  • AA = Factory and machine ID
  • B = Year manufactured (simplified to final digit, 2010 is 0, 2011 is 1, etc)
  • CC = Week of production
  • DDD = Unique identifier (but unrelated to UDID)
  • EE = Color of device
  • F = Size of storage, S is 16GB and T is 32GB

This has been proven to work 100 percent only for iPhone 4 GSM models, as those CDMA version and iPhone 4S have some different methods.

If you do not have an iPhone 4 GSM model you can check information regarding your serial number by following the numbers below.

  • VR0 (iPhone 2G Silver 4GB)
  • WH8 (iPhone 2G Silver 8GB)
  • 0KH (iPhone 2G Silver 16GB)
  • Y7H (iPhone 3G Black 8GB)
  • Y7K (iPhone 3G Black 16GB)
  • 3NP (iPhone 3GS Black 16GB)
  • 3NR (iPhone 3GS Black 32GB)
  • 3NQ (iPhone 3Gs White 16GB)
  • 3NS (iPhone 3Gs White 32GB)
  • A4S (iPhone 4 Black 16GB)
  • A4T (iPhone 4 Black 32GB)
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  1. Can someone tell me What my iPhone serial # tells about. Its looks totally different than above exemple. ” QR2274ZMEDG “

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