Some Facts You Should Know About iPad 3 (Humor)

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Only a week is left for the launch of the next generation iPad, the much-awaited iPad 3. So taking a break from the rumor mill we now present you some awesome facts about the iPad 3.

Funny iPad 3 facts

iPad 3 is so awesome that the Chinese works pay for it, isn’t that just amazing? And you know how much we “love” Foxconn, the very caring company that simply loves their employees.

The folks over at joyoftech have brought you these amazing facts and of course it’s only meant to have a good laugh, so folks don’t get serious.

It is expected that Apple will launch iPad 3 with a retina display, 8MP camera, 4G LTE technology, and a quad-core chip most likely an A6 processor.

No Android device was hurt in the making of this.

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4 Comments to Some Facts You Should Know About iPad 3 (Humor)

  1. Welcome iPad 3


    What about.. “iPad 3 is too expensive because of all those features, so need to stretch more bucks from what you are expecting”

    But I love iPad 3 for having a retina display.. it’s a BOMB…

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