Guy Tries Stealing 30 iPhone 4S But Gets Caught (Video)

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We know how precious and expensive iPhone 4S are and how much are they in demand. People start saving weeks before buying an iPhone and some, well lets say they just, get them. 

iPhone 4S get caught

Imagine stealing not one, not two but dozens of iPhone 4S. That’s exactly what one person tried to do in China, he tried stealing 30 iPhone 4S’s!

How did he do that? Well he wrapped them all around his body and tried to get away but as with most crimes, he got caught.

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So this guy basically tried stealing iPhone 4S’s and selling them back to where they are made. Main land China.

Apple products are famous for being targeted by thieves, robbers a like. Only a couple of weeks ago robbers took away with $100,000s worth of iPad 2’s and that too in 60 seconds!


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3 Comments to Guy Tries Stealing 30 iPhone 4S But Gets Caught (Video)

  1. Well… better luck next time to that guy… n for those who are with intentions for an attempt, just forget this way of escaping, dig some other way out…. lolz! :p

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