Four Reasons Why iPhone 5 Wont Be Released This WWDC June

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There was a recent report coming out of South Korea regarding the next iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 5. What it mentioned was that iPhone 5 will have a liquid metal casing and will be released this coming World Wide Developers Conference which is normally held in June. So now the question is, is Apple really going to release the next generation iPhone this coming June? Well the answer is a simple no and here are the four reasons why iPhone 5 wont be coming out this June.

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LTE Problems For iPhone 5

The first one on the list is LTE for the iPhone 5. The new iPad 3 was the first Apple product to feature the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology and it is now 100 percent certain that iPhone 5 is going to feature LTE.

So what’s the problem?

There are two major problems regarding LTE for the iPhone; Qualcomm facing supply issues and the second LTE coverage. Lets talk first about Qualcomm’s issues regarding LTE chips.

Supply shortages

Qualcomm Apple’s maker of processors yesterday warned analyst about experiencing supply shortages of the new 28-nm modem chips which are going to power the future of smart phones and in this case Apple’s iPhone 5. And, as they are in shortage right now it is almost impossible for them to produce in high volume to meet demand for an iPhone launch in June. So there goes out a chance for a release of iPhone 5 this WWDC.

LTE Coverage

As iPhone 5 is definitely going to have LTE, people will want to use it all over the world. World wide carriers are in the process of transforming 3G networks to LTE and this is process is time consuming, the more you wait then more areas fall under the LTE umbrella. So why rush?

Verizon and AT&T are currently in the process of launching LTE in new areas as quick as possible but when it comes to the iPhone, Apple has to think about the “world LTE network”. Hell, half the world doesn’t even have 3G networks currently let alone 4G. So launching in this June would let some users feel left out.

No iOS 6 Release For June

Whenever a new iPhone gets launch it always comes with a new version of iOS and before the new version of iOS gets launched to the public, iOS developers get their hands dirty with beta versions of the firmware.

Well as you have guessed it by now, Apple has not launched iOS 6 beta versions to developers so what that means is no new iPhone this June. In fact what Apple will do is that it will launch iOS 6 this WWDC to developers and finally launch iOS 6 with the new iPhone this fall. Just like it did with the iPhone 4S. So there is a no-go with iPhone 5 this June.

iPhone 4S Will Be Nine Months Old In June

iPhone 4S which was launched last year October will only be nine months old this June, the supposedly release date for the iPhone 5. The time gap between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was one and half year and Apple is no way going to a launch a new iPhone only after nine months!

iPhone 4S is doing great, hell its even breaking records. Apple in their right minds will never launch iPhone 5 this June, they will keep trying to extend the life of iPhone 4S, remember studying product life cycle in business class? Well at least I do.

So folks these are the four main reasons why Apple won’t launch an iPhone 5 this coming World Wide Developers Conference which is going to be held somewhere around mid June.


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