Redsnow 0.9.14b2 Will Fix Problems With Downgrading Baseband 6.15.00 For iPhone 3GS

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iPhone Dev team recently launched redsnow 0.9.14b1 for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users giving them the ability to downgrade baseband 6.15.00 to a lower modem firmware which would allow those users the ability to use GPS on their devices. Well it seems that some of you who have been facing problems regrading downgrading baseband should get a fix soon in the form of a redsnow update.

IPSW downgrade

Currently those users who have an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G on iPad basebad 6.15.00 can not use GPS (Global Positioning System) which is crucial for navigation, especially with iOS 6 bringing 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation this function is really important.

This problem was solved when iPhone Dev team released redsnow 0.9.14b1 which gave users ability to downgrade but unfortunately some users still couldn’t downgrade their baseband to a lower modem firmware. Well folks musclenerd, the leader of iPhone Dev team mentioned he is going to update redsnow to fix some problems regarding downgrade for baseband 6.15.00

ok, figured out why some 3GS phones refuse the iPad downgrade! Can fix that after receiving another loaner (delivery expected on Thurs)

So folks those of you who were constantly facing problems while downgrading baseband should get a fix soon in the form of redsnow 0.9.14b2.

Those of you who still haven’t tried the downgrading method can download redsnow 0.9.14b1 right now for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users.

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6 Comments to Redsnow 0.9.14b2 Will Fix Problems With Downgrading Baseband 6.15.00 For iPhone 3GS

  1. Hi want help I have a new bootroom iphone3gs and purchased last month and I never knew installing iPad baseband will disable my wifi ime Bluetooth how can I deal with this please help me I can’t use my iPhone till this is solved.thanks


  2. Raamkishore

    I tried to reverse the Modem Firmware from 6.15 to 5.1X as the case may be. The complete process went on absolutely well without a problem and rebooted too. But the version number in the iphone remained 6.15. Please let me know if this problem will be rectified in 14b version to be released ? Thanks a lot.

  3. Why oh why is this so hard? When I needed the baseband to temporarily unlock. It was problematic getting it don in 2010, I thought I had bricked my phone. Finally after numerous attempts it worked. I expected a downgrade within a few months. Well it didn’t seem to come and I was stuck with no accurate location and unable to upgrade to 5. So I waited & waited & waited. Finally June 2012 Arrives. There is the Redsn0w update I’ve Ben waiting for. Or is it? Apparently not, it didn’t work. I did notice it has a creation date of February. Again I had to do some fancy recovering to get the device operational again.
    So how long will the wait be this time? Is the fix out but being held back. What’s the deal???

  4. Neils Afrique

    does this one also support iphone 3G cos my iphone 3G refuses to downgrade and will this downgrade fix battery issues since most blogs and experts says it is the ipad baseband that causes the overheating and the short battery life

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