Top 3 iPhone Apps For Outdoor Adventures In 2012

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If you are planning for any outdoor adventure and thinking for, which iPhone apps for outdoor adventures you must get into your phone than here we provide you the top 3 iPhone apps for outdoor adventures that you never want to miss. These are not only useful but also quite fascinating, that makes your trip quite adventurous.

3. MotionX GPS For iPhone

MotionX GPS app for iPhone is very useful throughout your journey, as it is loaded with all navigating instruments and provides topographical details of every particular location. Through this iPhone app , your iPhone becomes your map and compass, which is always up to date and leads you to your outdoor destination safely and as soon as possible. Its is sort of a mandatory app for hiking, because it tells you about different routes through mountains, as it is connected with Global Positioning System . Moreover you also don’t need to carry any guide or map to carry on with your adventures, as now all the details will be in your pocket and will be needing a single touch to be operated.

Price: $0.99

Download MotionX GPS for iPhone

2. Trip Journal For iPhone

Trip Journal For iPhone is another amazing app that act as your travel dairy in your iPhone and keeps a record of your entire trip, as you can keep it up to date through photographs and notes regarding that particular place. In order to track your trip you have two ways either to check your location via GPS or you can even keep a continuous track of your movement. Furthermore, for making your trip journal look more attractive you can even add waypoint to highlight the places of special interest. This waypoint can be denoted by photos and notes, and it provides you the details of the place too. With that, anywhere at anytime you can have a view of your entire trip, including your maps routes and way points, by just hitting View Trip. At last you can share your whole adventure by placing your trip journal or so called travel dairy on different sites. You can download trip journal iPhone app from the link below.

Price: $2.99

Download Trip Journal iPhone

1. My Nature Animal Track For iPhone

Here comes another magnificent app, especially for those who are nature lovers and want to remain always connected to it. My Nature Animal Track For iPhone is one of the best iPhone app for outdoor adventurers as it helps you to identify different animals around you, by taking their color, size, shape and tracks under observation. There than it also shows you full color digital images of those animals. These pictures on iPhone modify each feature of the creature and also tell you about the sounds they produce.

My Nature Animal Track also guides you, using maps, about the ares where these animals are found. Moreover, it also tells you about the animals in your vicinity so that you can either get closer to them or,if they are dangerous,than you can change your route for a safe journey. Using the space provided to compile notes you can keep a record of tracks and even get benefit of the tips provided through this iPhone app to collect more animal tracks. Thus this iPhone app, for outdoor adventures, makes your iPhone an animal dictionary for interacting with them, using just a small iPhone loaded with unlimited iPhone apps. Download my nature animal track for iPhone from the link below.

Price: $6.99

Download My Nature Animal Track iPhone 

If you think there are any better outdoor adventure apps for the iPhone, comment below to let us know.

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