If Apple Made A Watch This Is What It Would Look Like: iWatch (Concept)

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When it comes to Apple, people expect sleek and amazing design that simply wows people. So what if Apple made a watch, how would it look like? Well if you had been wondering look no further as Swedish designer Anders Kjellberg has the answer with this amazing iWatch concept.

Although Apple has never mentioned anything regarding making a watch but that does not leave concept artist without creating something that Apple might make in future or maybe not in this case.

Ever since Steve Jobs mentioned iPod nano wrist straps, concepts regarding an iPod nano as a watch or a complete new watch such as this iWatch have started pouring in.

This iWatch concept features a retina display, FaceTime for those users who simply can’t live without it, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi charging, 16GB storage, proximity sensors and pretty much every cool thing you can imagine.

Below is a picture showing how the backside of the iWatch will look like. Sleek design with an Apple logo, that is what you will expect from Appl

What do you think about this iWatch concept? Although we know Apple will not make an iWatch in the near future but it does seem to be getting a little attention recently.

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7 Comments to If Apple Made A Watch This Is What It Would Look Like: iWatch (Concept)

  1. Chris Dunhill

    I think this over-designed - not very Apple at all. I believe they will launch a watch and it will be far more clean/simple design than this.

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