iPhone 5 To Be Available In India Starting From October 26

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iPhone 5 was launched on 21 October in some countries including the big ones such as United States and the United kingdom, and later it was released in 22 more countries. Well finally it is going to be launched to a country which has more than one billion people, that is India.

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iPhone 5 Available In India

According to a new report today from BGR, Apple is going to launch its flagship device that is the iPhone 5 in India starting from October 26. It will finally put an end to those were waiting for the device to come to India and iPhone 5 will finally reach a one billion+ country.

iPhone 5 which according to the report will come on 26 October will mainly be launched in India by Apple itself rather than relying on local carriers such as Airtel or Aircel.

Unlike previous launches of the iPhone, it is expected that iPhone 5 will widely be available in major cities of India on the initial day of launch. But we should remind our readers that the launch date for iPhone 5 in India has not been confirmed by Apple, so we are waiting for a green signal by Apple.

iPhone 5 Price In India

iPhone 5 if it does get launched in India on October 26 will likely put a huge end to the black market that is currently selling the iPhone 5 at a huge mark-up price ranging from anywhere between $1100- $1700 (55,000 - 92,000 Indian rupee).

It is expected, although not confirmed, but the price of iPhone 5 in India will be the same of that when iPhone 4S was launched. So we can estimate and say that the price of iPhone 5 in india will be around 45,000 - 52,000 Indian rupee.

Well if you are India, will you buy an iPhone 5 when it comes out? Let us know in the comments.

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