iPhone Customer loyalty Falls For The First Time Ever!

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Apple might just be one of those companies who can proudly say they have a huge customer loyalty, which is a key part to successful business. But according to a new report, for the first time ever iPhone customer loyalty has fallen. This might raise some eyebrows over at Apple.

iPhone Customer Loyalty Falls

If you have been a long time Apple fan and have owned Apple products in the past, you might just be one of the millions of users who are very loyal to Apple. In fact Apple has the world’s highest percentage of loyal customers, one of the reasons why Apple is the world’s most valuable company. But it seems things have changed now.

A new research conducted by Strategy , shows a whole different story.

For the first time ever, iPhone loyalty has fallen. The report by the Strategy mentions something quite interesting. Last year U.S iPhone owners had a customer loyalty of 93 percent, this has fallen to 88% as of today. While in Europe customer loyalty has fallen from 88 percent to 75 percent.

Now this might not seem a huge difference, Companies would love 88 percent customer loyalty. But the thing that is interesting here is that; Customer loyalty for Apple products has fallen for the first time ever since the records began!

Now that is something which might worry CEO Tim Cook.

So why has Apple loyalty fallen for the first time? There could be many reasons and the one that comes to my mind is the competition. When Apple launched the iPhone for the first time ever, they basically had zero competition. But today? The competition is huge. It’s not just that the competition has heightened, it’s actually that other smartphone vendors have caught up with Apple.

Just look at the Samsung Galaxy S3 for an instance. It now feels great and functionality has highly improved since the days when it was initially launched, and many people have started preferring the Samsung brand.

Now this does not really mean that every one has stopped using the Apple brand, it just gives us an insight into the trends. But the one thing that Apple should note is to bring a much needed change to the iPhone’s operating system.

What do you think?

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  1. SamsungHaters

    Well, sadly most of them turned to that b**** ass Samsung and would rather pay more for a piece of cheap plastic s***.

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