Fix Installous API Error - Installous Not Working 2013

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It seems there are still thousands of users out there who have not heard about the shutting down of Installous. Those iOS users who do not follow tech blogs like Maypalo are still searching for ways to “fix Installous API error” and other errors relating to Installous. Well folks it’s time to give you a heads up.

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Installous Not Working 2013

We broke the news on Installous shutting down on 30 December last year and since then we have daily mentioned “Installous” and other alternatives to Installous. But it seems that there are still a lot of people out there who do not understand the errors they are facing while using Installous.

Why isn’t Installous working?

So why am I writing this post since most of you know they can’t fix Installous API error or other errors relating to it? Well, since the shutting down of Installous we at Maypalo have been receiving a lot of emails/comments/Facebook messages on a daily basis regarding Installous. As you can imagine it’s not practical to reply to each and every message regarding Installous so this post is basically for you guys who are still searching for ways to fix Installous API errors or to get the answer on “Installous not working”. Those of you who already know about it, well you don’t even need to read this post further.

Installous API Error 2013

There is one question that is common in all those emails and messages we have received; how to fix Installous API error.

Well folks, sorry to disappoint you as there is no way you can fix this Installous API error problem. The reason? Well it’s quite obvious, Installous has been shut down by the Hackulous team and therefor it can no longer work.

Basically the fountain which provided the water to the end user has been closed. So no matter how many methods you might find online to fix it, they won’t help. And, no we are not working with anyone to get Installous restarted (some emails mentioned if we were working to bring Installous back).

There is no solution to Installous API error and no you can’t make Installous work anymore. Period.

Well folks if you have any question do let us know. We do read every single email/messages which are sent to us.

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