How To Fix iPhone If It Freezes Or Crashes Continuously (Guide)

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Here we bring you again some important guides, following which, will make your iPhone even more amazing for you. These guides, in particular are helpful when your device becomes unresponsive and just hangs up to what is displayed on the screen. The first method is the hard reboot while the other one is the endless reboot loop. So let’s begin on how to fix iPhone if it crashes continuously.

Fix iPhone Crash

Hard Reboot:


Hard reboot is the method needed to bring your device back to life when it gets paralyzed for a time. I mean when the apps become unresponsive, that is neither the touch inputs nor the Sleep/Wake button works. In such state, press the Home and power button together til you see the Apple logo appearing on the screen again.

Hard reboot is a very quick method and also seems to be very effective as it will make your device working again, removing the crash that it faced.

Endless Reboot Loop:


Now this is another useful way to make you iPhone working. You will need this method when due to the installation of a broken or incompatible jailbreak tweak, your phone will get stuck. So in this situation, even the hard reboot method will not work, due to the fact that whenever you will try to boot iOS then the app will run again. Thus in order to resolve this, all you need to go for the endless reboot loop, in which press the volume up button when booting up your device til you see the lock screen again. After this, open Cydia and uninstall the tweak that is, according to you causing the trouble.

If due to some hardware problems the volume up button won’t work then you can use the Clicker button on your headsets or earphones.


We hope that these simple guides will help to resolve your issues with your iPhone, but still if there are any other issues, you can ask us through the usual medium below.


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  1. I am facing this problem…sometimes my phone crashes and when comes back shows “in secure mode” (something like that) between the 3G logo and battery sign. The crashes happens when I press for 2-3 times the Home button. I supposed it was because a broken or incompatible jailbreak tweak, but how should I know wich tweak are causing that? I also format my phone and JB it again and the phone still the same…I uninstall all the tweaks and reinstall them from different sources, and the phone still doing the crashes…any help or hint? Thnx

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