Samsung To Introduce Brain-Controlled Tablets!

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Whenever there is a new release in the market, the customers get so much amazed with the advancements of the technology that they think that particular arrival as the last best thing that could have been introduced. But each time they are proved wrong as tech companies never stop bringing new ones. One such advancement is going to be brain-controlled tablet, from the fastest growing tech company - Samsung.


Soon there will be no more tapping on the screens of your tablets, as Samsung is going to bring such a tablet that you will be able to operate using your mind. No doubt the company has already shown a great deal of development in Samsung galaxy S4, in which just hovering your finger over the phone is enough to instruct it what to do. But as we said, the companies to moving towards the best and therefore is now working on this new project.

The actual working behind this technology lies inside an EEG cap which takes electrical activity from the brain and translates them into on-screen interactions and has a success rate of between 80 and 95%. Samsung this time, is working with University of Texas, in order to make this new invention possible. And their major aim for this project is to make this cap as comfortable as possible, so that it can be worn all the time, instead of only when being used.


If we give this innovation of the company a new perspective then we can see it as an effort made by Samsung to make the world easier for the disabled people. Just a few days back we updated you about the iPhone app that comes with the prosthetic limb for those who have lost their arm in some accident. And now brain-controlled tablet, which shows that the tech companies are taking keen interest in introducing gadgets for those who cannot easily use the normal ones.

These efforts by Samsung seem quite impressive to me, as they are now giving a new direction to the technology. What are your thoughts?

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