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Since a long time news, views and rumors, about the upcoming Apple’s budget iPhone were coming to the surface. Some said it was just a rumor but it seems that not everyone is agreeing on it. Most of us think that all news about Apple and its up-coming products are worthless, not until Apple officially approves them. But there are few other trusted news which have the actual fact. So check out what has been confirmed recently for an up-coming iPhone.

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This time ETrade supply has confirmed something about Apple’s Budget iPhone, ETrade supply is the same company, which revealed the best and most accurate pictures of iPad Mini and iPhone 5’s front and back panel. There is no doubt that ETrade has some close contacts with Apple and its manufactures like Foxconn, so it can be trusted for Apple regarding Apple news.

The ETrade said that the budget iPhone was not just a rumor, Apple is actually working on such an iPhone and according to the ETrade, they are pretty sure about this news like the previous ones. As mentioned earlier ETrade has strong inner connections with Apple and also its part supplier, so it is quite obvious that this rumor has some backing to it.. This is the same company which revealed the parts of BlackBerry Z10, about three-month before it released.

ETrade is not the only resource, which is disclosing news about this budget iPhone, J.P Morgan has predicted the price for this iPhone, which is expected somewhere around $350. But according to some it is not enough as some Android smartphones are worth around $200.

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On the other hand, DigiTimes has come up with the marketing strategy for Apple’s cheap iPhone and according to them Apple will introduce three million budget iPhone units to test the market response.

Another trusted reporter, Ming-Chi Kuo has deduced that the shipments for the budget iPhone might face a delay because of their poly-carbonated bodies, which is a tough task to accomplish!

As usual Apple itself has zipped it up and has not discussed anything about it. Not only the cheaper iPhone is on stalk but iPhone 5S is also expected with it - with some truly new features like finger sensors, improved security and a faster A7 chip. Not only this, but iPad Mini 2 is also coming, somewhere in this fall.

Conclusively, there is a bunch of products Apple is going to release but how, when and where? These questions can only be answered by Apple but with Maypalo, you can keep yourself updated.

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