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Another iPhone 6 Concept Details The iPhone 6 Features (Video)

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What are you expecting from the upcoming iPhone 6? A larger display or a better camera results? You might have seen tons of iPhone 6 concept videos but none of them could make your images clear about the upcoming iPhone 6. Don’t worry because we have finally got something that’s worth praising. Two well-known developers Avni and Uygar Kaya, have finally come up with something that might impress you. Won’t believe me? Then checkout this amazing iPhone 6 concept video.

This video gives the exact images, of what Apple users are expecting this time from iPhone 6. The concept consists of every single detail, like, larger screen, wireless charging, battery animations etc. There is no doubt that this video got it all, which one can expect from the next iPhone.

iPhone always holds its special position in the tech market and this is the reason that whenever the next iPhone is about to come, tons of rumors and news start roaming around. For example, this time when people are waiting for iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, thousands of videos, rumors are all over, since the last fall till now. Although we don’t really know what Apple might come up with but the concept seems to be pretty satisfying.

iphone 6 waterproof concept

Android and iOS are always in competition but nowadays, Apple users are shifting towards Android phones because they want larger screen, like Samsung is providing the with much larger and better screens than Apple. On the other hand some people think that Apple has just the perfect size for a smartphone unlike Samsung, which is taking things to extreme limits. But this video concept by Avni and Kaya, has put things quite right and have come up with a larger, slimmer and over all a better iPhone but we don’t know whether this will turn into a real iPhone or will remain just a concept.

Not only the larger display is appreciable but the water and dust resistant features are also really good. After the exotic Sony Xperia ZR, water and dust proof features then the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, with the same resistant features makes it clear that now companies are going to work on such features, so same thing is expected from Apple in the upcoming iPhone. You should not expect this feature in the iPhone 6 because these features will be available in the iPhone after iPhone 6. Expecting such features in iPhone 6 will be a bit too quick.

Some important things to be noticed are the LED notifications and front-facing stereo system, like one we have in HTC one, this looks really nice. Everything in this video is just perfect, from the wireless charging to slim and sleek finish and finally comes the 13 mega pixel, gigantic camera, a camera which can give a tough time Nokia’s one.

So, what are your thoughts about this incredible iPhone 6 concept? If you ask me then this is just the one I am expecting from Apple. Do you think the same? Please drop a comment below:

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4 Comments to Another iPhone 6 Concept Details The iPhone 6 Features (Video)

  1. Everything is good, except the touch sensitive volume rocker. I hate touch sensitive buttons, they make accidental clicks so much easy. I hate all android phones for that reason, you end up clicking volume/home/back/menu buttons unintentionally. I loved the original HTC Desire that had physical tactile keys for these. Even Samsung’s volume and power keys are so soft that they tend to get clicked unintentionally and make you look stupid. I love the current iPhone’s tactile hard volume/power and home keys. Thats how phones should be made :) If there was a new Android handset with iPhone like hard keys, I guarantee that it will break the iPhone market.

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