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Facebook and Twitter; these are one of those social networking sites, without which it seems you wont be able to spend a single day! These sites which are normally used for connecting with your friends now have a different use. Just imagine, what if , you can run a car using only your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Don’t believe it? Well here are the details:

In Kansas USA, a group of 21 brilliant students, have come with a project that will surely blow you off. They have created a car with runs only on posts from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

You’ll be wondering how is this possible?



The talented group constructed this “Social Car” using Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. They used lithium-ion batteries instead of petrol to power this car, so it becomes an all-electric “social car”.

Now the car is ready to roll but instead of the electric power being directly used to run the car, it has a “channeling” feature which gives power according to how many “likes”, “followers” it gets on social networking sites.

The car is connected with an internet tablet through a circuit. This tablet will control power-flow of this entire project named as, Mind Drive, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on YouTube. This tablet then converts the posts on these sites to ‘social watts’.

For your better understanding, here is an example. Every new Twitter follower is counted as five watts and when you like something on Instagram that thumbs up is counted as one watt.

The main purpose of this ‘Mind Drive ‘ is raise awareness to about saving energy. The objective of this car is to drive from Kansas city to Washington where it will be the end of this journey. It needs 71,040 “social watts” to power the car through its journey.

Well this is definitely a great idea. What do you think? Drop a comment below.

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