iPhone 5S Is Going To Have Twice The Pixels Of iPhone 5

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Rumors, rumors everywhere. iPhone 5S has now become one of the most hot topic, going around these days. Although iPhone have tons of features, which gives it a superior position. One of this special feature is the retina display but now we have smartphones, which have better resolutions than iPhone, like Samsung Galaxy S4 is full HD 1,920-by-1,080, at 441 pixels per inch, which is much better than iPhone’s 640-by-1,136 Retina display at 326 pixels per inch.

You’ll be wondering, why we are discussing about this screen resolutions? This is because there is a rumor that Apple might double iPhone 5S retina resolution. For full story, here are the details:

iPhone 5S image

According to a Chinese publication, it is expected that Apple will improve its retina display by doubling as many mega-pixels as the current iPhone 5 has. The Chinese publication also said that Apple will improve the display in the upcoming iPhone 5S.

Now, let us tell you about the expected resolution of the next iPhone. As per reports, the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will feature a 1.5-megapixel screen for twice the sharpness as compare to the current iPhone 5’s screen, which has a retina display of only 727,040 pixels.

These are not the only expected features but the report says that the new iPhone 5S, will be much sleeker and thinner than this one. It will also have some features that resemble to iPad Mini, like the narrow side bezels.

There is no objection in improving screen results for the upcoming iPhone, as it will be beneficial for iPhone users and they can observe a great difference between both the screens. Although 1080p is a good screen resolution but it is not suitable on phones which are closer to five or four inches.

On the other hand, 1080p is not a waste because when we are talking about high-resolution photographs or full HD videos these resolutions do make sense as the picture quality is very clear.

iP6 (1)

It is quite obvious that when you will double the resolution, in the iPhone 5S, the power consumption will automatically increase because more resolution means more memory usage and improved graphics.

Well like all rumors regarding the next generation iPhone, this should be taken with a pinch of salt. No rumor can be confirmed until it is coming from Apple itself, which is very unlikely.

Well until then we can just hope iPhone 5S is going to pack in some stunning features with a great display. What do you think?

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  1. So what does the title have to do with the post itself?
    Why do you say they ll double the display (that would imply new iPhone coming out with an EIGHT inch screen), since you know we are only talking about resolution?

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