Here Is The Expected Release Date For iOS 7 Beta 2 and Future Betas!

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Are you one of those people who have downloaded iOS 7 beta 1 and are anxiously waiting for the next beta? Well folks, we now have an idea on when Apple will launch the future betas such as iOS 7 beta 2. Check out the expected release dates for iOS 7 beta 2 and future betas.

iOS 7 Beta 2 Release Date

Apple, this World Wide Developer Conference launched iOS 7 beta 1 to developers who quickly downloaded the latest up-coming firmware from Apple. After all iOS 7 is the only firmware which completely revamps the iOS firmware from the ground up.

There have been many reviews on iOS 7, good and bad both. But we shouldn’t have a final verdict on iOS 7 as it is currently running the first beta, which like all previous firmwares is buggy and expected to be changed once the final version is released.

The first beta of iOS 7 has received quite a lot of criticism for many reasons. One of the biggest being the battery life. Well everyone has their own right to say anything about iOS 7 but let’s not be too harsh on Apple as this is the first beta. With each new beta things are bound to get better.

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So when is the next beta coming? When is iOS 7 beta 2 going to be released?

24 June 2013.

If you are wondering if this is the official date provided by Apple, well the answer is no.

The release date for iOS 7 betas have been predicted by a developer called Will Hains, who used previous data for firmware releases and made a small chart to show you exactly when the new versions will be coming out.

iOS 7 beta release date

If Apple is to follow the previous models then are the release dates for iOS 7 betas are.

  • iOS 7 beta 2: 24 June.
  • iOS 7 beta 3: 10 July.
  • iOS 7 beta 4: July 25.
  • iOS 7 beta 5: 12 August.
  • iOS 7 beta 6: 30 August.
  • iOS 7 GM (Gold Master): 10 September.
  • The final date for the public release of iOS 7 is Friday, September 20.

But do keep in mind that these are not the exact dates confirmed by Apple, you should regularly visit just incase a new beta version is released not according to the schedule.

These release dates are not going to be exact but are going to be quite close to the actual release. Well when do you think iOS 7 beta 2 is going to be released?

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  1. Alex Aquino

    Is going to be released after 24 of june… This beta bring so much bugs. There is too much work and polish to do on iOS 7..

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