The Price Of The Budget iPhone Leaked! (Rumor)

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Let’s face it, the amount of rumors regarding the budget iPhone or the “iPhone 5C” have been ridiculous, each day we are bombarded with new rumors regarding the budget iPhone. Well keeping with the tradition, here is another one. The price of the budget iPhone has been “leaked”. Well, wondering what is going to be the price of the budget iPhone? Find it out below.

Budget iPhone Price

This new rumor about the price of the budget iPhone has originated from the Chinese micro-blogging site Sina Weibo, which points to a prominent poster regarding the leak of the price.

So what is the price? Well according to the leaked report, the price is $490! Yes folks, an insane $490 for the cheap iPhone!

The report mentioned that the budget “iPhone 5C” will be priced 3000 yuan, which is around $490 in today’s exchange rate.

iPhone 5C price

This price of $490 would make the so-called cheap iPhone much more expensive than the iPhone 4, touching it close to the iPhone 4S and other upper-level smartphones in the market.

So why is this budget iPhone going to be so expensive? Well it seems that Apple doesn’t want to compromise on quality that’s why it doesn’t want to lower the price. And, how can be forgotten the fat profit margin Apple has on every product. So that’s why iPhone 5C isn’t going to be cheap.

Well like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt. Well take tons of salt on this one.


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3 Comments to The Price Of The Budget iPhone Leaked! (Rumor)

  1. If true, I believe this would be the non-subsidized price. The full,non-contract price of the iPhone 5 is between $650-$850, so the $490 would be considerably cheaper.

  2. What a price! 490$ is equivalent to 21,182 peso here in the Philippines, how could they called cheap. there’s no taxes yet in that price. crazy apple, there are many cheaps local phone here like myphone, cherry mobile, starmobile, O+ product also os US, lenovo and many others which the price is below 10,000 pesos, remember that the philippines is now the latest survey booming in south east asia, and if the price of iphone is like that this phone would not be for the filipino peoples choice.

    • Simple: if you dont like apple, then dont buy it. rants are only from those who are sourgraping and not able to afford one.

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