Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch: Details, Specs, Video & Pictures!

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Samsung has officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch. This is the first time Samsung has launched a wearable technology for masses. Well you might have been waiting for the smart watch for a very long time, so here we bring you the complete details on the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch. Check out the details, specs, pictures and video of the Samsung smart watch called the Galaxy Gear below.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Today at IFA - Berlin, Samsung pulled the curtains off the smart watch. Many people around the world had been expecting this - a smart watch that would let you do cools things. So has the Galaxy Gear smart watch has exceeded our expectations or has fallen short on it?

Let’s take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Design

Samsung galaxy gear

Let’s first of all talk about the design. As you can see from the pictures above and below, it is not the one we had been expecting. I’m talking about the previous leak we got regarding the Samsung smart watch.

That leaked showed a clunky and a huge smart watch. But today’s official announcement showed that it indeed is something which we might buy. Although it’s not perfect or a design that Apple would have for its products but nonetheless, it is something which you might wear in public without being pointed out as a geek.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Specifications

Let’s dig into the specs regarding the Samsung watch now.

Samsung Galaxy Gear features a 1.63 inch, 320×320 pixel Super AMOLED screen. Which is something many Samsung fans would be happy to know about. It also features a 1.9 megapixel camera which is placed on the wristband. This camera can record both photos and videos, you can share these videos directly to Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear packs a moderate 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB storage - which might be considered good, as it’s only a small watch.

The battery in the Samsung watch is 315 mAH, which Samsung says will help you last the entire day. Now this all depends on what “entire day” Samsung has in mind. But we are guessing it will be able to record some videos and take pictures and do other stuff, but not for the entire day.

When it comes to battery, companies usually exaggerate their battery timings. So don’t expect much in this category.

Samsung watch IFA

Samsung Smart Watch Details

So what’s so cool about the Samsung watch, that might actually make you want to buy this device for a price tag $299? Well for starters, this would be the first time you will be able to share pictures, videos and other interesting information on the go directly to your social media network.

The Samsung watch also allows you to make calls, send SMS, see notifications, check calendar and do other small but useful tasks. It also has another feature called “Auto Lock”, which will lock your Samsung smart phone when you are five feet away from your device (you would obviously need to be wearing the Galaxy Gear).

Samsung mentions the Galaxy Gear smart watch to be the complete companion of the Note 3 - which it unveiled today as well.

The Galaxy Gear also features the S Voice, giving you the ability to take action just by speaking to your watch. You can compose text messages, update Facebook status and tweet using the S Voice on the smart watch.

It also has a pedometer built-in it. This will allow you to track your physical activity and other health related data such as calories burned, distance ran, heart-rate and much more.

Once the smart watch is launched, it will have as many as 70 apps specially dedicated to it, some of these are RunKeeper, Path, eBay, Tripit and many more.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Price & Release Date

galaxy gear watch real

As mentioned above, Samsung smart watch will be priced at $299 once it is released. Something which will make many people think twice before buying this expensive smart watch.

It will be available worldwide on 25 September 2013. Samsung has mentioned that the Galaxy Gear will be available in 140 countries once it goes on sale in 25 September.

We will upload a video of the Samsung Galaxy smart watch here, so stay tuned.

Well, what are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch? Will you be buying one, once it is released? Drop a comment below.

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