Why Is Apple’s iPhone 5C So Expensive?

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The release of the iPhone 5C has shocked many people - not the smartphone itself, but the way Apple has priced it. Many people around the world who were waiting to buy an iPhone 5C were left in a bit of shock when Apple announced the price. A factory unlocked 16GB (base model) iPhone 5C starts from $549, which as you can imagine is quite expensive. So why has Apple priced the iPhone 5C a bit too expensive? Let’s look at some of the reasons.

Expensive iPhone 5C

10 September 2013, the day people around the world got to see two new iPhones being released at the same time - next-gen iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C. iPhone 5C is the device which was expected to be “cheap”. Rumors of this device started since the beginning of this year; “cheap iPhone to be launched”, “Apple’s cheap iPhone ready” - these were some of the headlines you were used to seeing. But as soon as the price of the iPhone 5C was mentioned - all hell broke loose.

People took their frustration on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There were many angry Tweets and Facebook statuses, which were all aimed at Apple for being too greedy. Many of you might agree with this but there is a much deeper reason on why the iPhone 5C has been priced so high.

After all $549 for a rumored budget iPhone is way too expensive!

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It Was Only A Rumor

Do you know why you are complaining that iPhone 5C is really expensive? You might not know, but it was the thought in your head, that Apple was going to release a cheaper version of the iPhone which made you think that iPhone 5C is expensive.

If all the rumors regarding a “budget iPhone” were the opposite, i.e “Apple releasing an even more expensive iPhone”, you would have been pretty happy with the price of the current iPhone 5C.

After all it was only a rumor. And, like with all rumors you shouldn’t take them all seriously - only a fraction of some of the rumors turn out to be true.

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iPhone 5C Is Better Than iPhone 5

Another misconception many people have in their mind is that the iPhone 5C is worse than iPhone 5. In fact it is the opposite; iPhone 5C, in terms of specifications and overall performance is better than iPhone 5!

You are actually paying less for a slightly upgraded version of the iPhone 5 - which isn’t really bad after all.

iPhone 5C which is available in multi-colours has made an impression on you that it is supposed to be cheap. The polycarbonate body of the iPhone 5C gives the impression of “cheap” but when you hold it in your hands, it does feel sturdy and quite good.

When you hold iPhone 5C and Samsung Galaxy S 4 in your hand then you might be able to judge better if the iPhone 5C is “cheap”.

iPhone 5C blue

Apple Is A Brand

Most of you are forgetting that Apple is a brand. And, brands are expensive. Have you ever seen Lamborghini release a cheap car? You can’t even imagine that in a million years.

The same goes for Apple. It was kind of very stupid of us to even think that Apple would release a cheaper iPhone - it is a brand, and brands charge premium for their products.

iPhone 5C is expensive, no doubt about that, but Apple was no-way going to release a cheaper iPhone with the same features (or a bit improvised) of that of an iPhone 5.

Well, do you think iPhone 5C is worth the money?

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