Apple Is The Number 1 Most Valuable Brand In The World!

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Well this shouldn’t come as a surprise to many of you. The word “number one” and “Apple” go together in many places, almost every major news outlet or non-profit organizations recognize Apple to be a world leader. Well today we kind of have a “confirmation” on this. A very reputable organization has recognized Apple as the number one valuable brand in the world!

Apple Number 1

For the first time ever Apple has been recognized as the number one most valuable brand in the world!

A closely followed annual report from Omnicom group which has been compiling lists of the most valuable brands in the world since 2000 has released its annual report today. And, it has a new company in the number one spot - Apple.

Apple German store

For the last 13 years, Coca-cola was the number one most valuable company in the world. Quite a feat considering it was a straight 13-years global domination when it came to brand value.

Well like they say “nothing lasts forever”, Coca-cola has been removed from the number one spot from the most valuable company list in the world. It now sits back at the number three spot.

Apple, which recently announced record-breaking sales of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, was expected to become the number one most valuable brand in the world this year.

Awesome Apple store


The top 10 most valuable brands in the world are:

1. Apple.

2. Google.

3. Coca-cola.

4. IBM.

5. Microsoft.

6. General Electric.

7. McDonald’s.

8. Samsung.

9. Intel.

10. Toyota.

If you check the above list, surprisingly the top 5 are technology companies (excluding Coca-cola). This just shows how technology companies are changing the world we live in.

One of the biggest losers in terms of tech companies in this most valuable brand list are Nokia and Blackberry. While Nokia has dropped from 19 place to 57, Blackberry has vanished from the scene - no wonder Blackberry has sold itself.

It’s very important to be innovative to be a leading company in the world, and if Apple wants to keep its position for the up-coming years then it has got to bring more amazing products to the market.

Well any thoughts?

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