Download Angry Birds Go! For iPhone & iPad (Link)

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Angry Birds, one of the most popular game franchise in the world has released its latest game - Angry Birds Go!. Those of you who have an iPhone or iPad and are running iOS 6 and above, can download Angry Birds Go! right now. Check out the details regarding Angry Birds latest game.

Angry Birds Go!

Rovio Entertainment, the company behind Angry Birds had been teasing an upcoming game. We got a glimpse of it a couple of weeks ago when the company mentioned that the upcoming game would be related to the very popular Mario Go Kart.

Well the game is out and is called “Angry Birds Go!”. Those of you with iPhone and iPad can download it right now but there is a slight catch. The game hasn’t officially been released in U.S. or other popular countries App Stores, but those of you who are in New Zealand are in luck as you can download it. Yup folks, Angry Birds Go! has been released in New Zealand App Store only.

angry birds go!

Those of you who are in other countries would have to wait until December 11, an expected date where Angry Birds Go! will be launched worldwide.

Well if you can’t wait for it, then you can always change your App Store location to another country and download it from the link below.

The link below is only for New Zealand App Store.

Download Angry Birds Go!

Once the game is released world-wide, we will provide a download link to Angry Birds Go!

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