iOS 7.1 Evasion Untethered Jailbreak Will Not Be Released!

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Well this is going to upset some people. Pod2g, one of the key members of team Evad3rs, has mentioned that Evasion untethered jailbreak won’t likely be released iOS 7.1. It seems Evasion7 has finally come to an end with iOS 7.1 - or is it? Well check out the details regarding iOS 7.1 untethered jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iOS 7.1 Evasion Jailbreak

Today, 10 March 2014, Apple released iOS 7.1 to all iOS users. iOS 7.1 brings in bug fixes and other improvements, but the thing that will benefit you the most is the speed. iOS 7.1 is pretty fast when compared to iOS 7.0.x. With the speed improvements it also brings new UI changes, which most of you will love. Overall, iOS 7.1 is a pretty decent and good upgrade.

But those of you who want to keep their jailbreak should not update to iOS 7.1, if you do, you are going to lose your jailbreak for a very long time. And, when I say a long time, I literally mean it.

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As soon as iOS 7.1 got released to the public, many people asked whether it can be jailbroken or not. If you are not in contact with the jailbreak scene, well let me remind you that iOS 7.1 fixes exploits which were used by Evasion jailbreak. Therefore no jailbreak for iOS 7.1 is available.

In fact the team behind Evasion jailbreak has no plans for updating the software for iOS 7.1.

Pod2g mentioned when asked about iOS 7.1 jailbreak:

“For iOS 7.1, I don’t know … there is a big chance the evad3rs won’t focus on it as a team … expect that for iOS 8 :)”

Well there you go folks, Evad3rs won’t be working on iOS 7.1 untether jailbreak. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get a jailbreak. Although the team might not work on it but there are solo hackers who might just release an untether jailbreak for iOS 7.1.

What are your thoughts on iOS 7.1 evasion jailbreak? Should the team work on it?

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  1. I think that apple devices would be a lot more interesting and should allow cydia to be in appstore. Major upgrades that we see in ios7 was in cydia apps log time ago.

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