iPad Triple Booting iOS 5.1, 6.1.3 & 7.0.4 Demoed (Video)

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Winocm is becoming somewhat a big name in the iOS jailbreak community. Today he posted a video showing an iPad 2 triple booting completely different firmwares: iOS 5.1, iOS 6.1.3, and iOS 7.0.4; which as you can imagine has raised some eyebrows in the community, especially giving hope to people who want a different operating system on an Apple device.

The video which has been embedded below; first shows an iPad 2 booting up iOS 5.1, which is followed by iOS 6.1.3 and then finally iOS 7.0.4. To make things even more interesting the hacker mentions that he did not use the Evasi0n7 untether jailbreak.

Triple boot iPad 2

The video which shows the iPad 2 triple booting different firmwares has been embedded below:

What this proof-of-concept video shows us is that it is possible to port other mobile operating systems on an Apple device. Ever wondered an Android running iPhone or iPad? Well that might just be a possibility.

But you shouldn’t get your hopes high as Winocm won’t release this in a form of a software package. In the description section of the video he derisively wrote that he would release it in the next “7 years”.

Even though we won’t get this tool but it is great to know that something like this exists. Thoughts?

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