Dual-Booting iOS 6 & 7 Coming Soon!

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I have to say we weren’t expecting this, but it seems that dual-booting for iOS 6 and iOS 7 might come soon to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! The developer, Winocm, who previously unveiled triple-booting on an iPad has mentioned today that he will release a tool that will allow a person to dual/triple-boot an iOS device.

For those of you who are uninitiated; Winocm, who is a jailbreak developer recently showed us that he could triple-boot, meaning; running iOS 5, 6 and iOS 7 on the same device at the same time - which as you can imagine is pretty awesome.

At first many people considered it to be a simple “show off”, as he mentioned that he would not release a tool for people to triple/dual-boot. Well it seems the developer has had a second thought, as the tool for dual booting might be coming sooner than you think.

He tweeted:


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The developer mentions that the first version of the tool to dual-boot would not be user-friendly at all. Which basically means that it would be for the more “hardcore” users.

A problem regarding this triple/dual booting is that all firmwares work fine on it except iOS 7 as it gives a weird bug that aborts data.

Well, right now the developer has not mentioned a release date for this dual/triple booting. So don’t really expect it to come out very quickly. It will take sometime but it will come.

Well what are your thoughts on this?

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