Amazon Launching Glasses-Free 3D Smartphone In September

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Amazon is planning to enter the smartphone market this year according to a latest report from credible Wall Street Journal. This would be the first time the mighty e-commerce company is going to enter the some-what saturated smartphone market. So what kind of smartphone is Amazon going to launch? Well check out the details below.

Amazon Smartphone

According to Wall Street Journal, Amazon is going to launch a glasses-free 3D smartphone in September 2014. This would be the first time Amazon is going to launch a smartphone aimed at the masses.

The most interesting thing about this smartphone from Amazon is that; it is not just going to be 3D but glasses-free 3D - something which many companies are trying to achieve. So how exactly is Amazon going to achieve this technology?

Well according to people familiar with the matter; Amazon’s smartphone will have retina-tracking technology, it will use four front-facing cameras and sensors to detect eye movement and present objects in a 3D way.


Tech pundits are expecting that the main reason why people might actually buy this smartphone is the price. The price for this product is expected to be low, therefore giving it a chance to compete in the furious smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung.

It is surely going to be interesting to see a smartphone that will truly give a 3D experience.

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