iPhone 6 Will Come With Glowing Apple Logo & Curved Glass Display (Report)

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How does an iPhone with a glowing Apple logo and curved display sound to you? If this is what you want, prepared to be happy as this is what might be included in the iPhone 6. A new report coming out of a newspaper in Asia has mentioned exactly this and another thing which is very interesting. The iPhone 6 is going to look very different from the leaks we have been seeing!

The report which has been published by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei mentions something which we haven’t heard before. The newspaper claims that the iPhone 6 is going to look very different from the ones we have been seeing. It mentions that the leaks we have been receiving recently is not the final design.

Apple has changed the design and the build quality of the final product that is going to be shipped from the assembly line once everything is finalized. So the leaked iPhone 6 design we had been seeing; well, expect new ones from now onwards.

iPhone 6 render -03

The other interesting bit from the report is that the iPhone 6 is going to feature a glowing Apple logo on the back just like it does on the MacBooks. It is going to do this by carving out the Apple logo from the metal. If Apple does indeed get a glowing Apple logo on the back, it’s surely going to make the device look more appealing - at least for me.

The glowing Apple logo on the back had been mentioned in the past before but no strong rumours or leaks have put that into perspective.

The third thing which is mentioned in the report is that the display on the iPhone is going to be slightly curved. Curved display smartphones are already in the market but so far they have not received any positive comments. Maybe the Cupertino company might change that.

Well this is just a report and just like any other report, it might not be true. So let’s see what Apple unveils in September!

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