One 1.6″, Two 1.8″ Including Sapphire Screen iWatch Coming: Report

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The rumours regarding the Apple’s iWatch are going to be pouring in from now onwards as we get closer and closer to a release date. Today we have a new rumour that mentions Apple’s iWatch will come in three different models and two screen sizes: a 1.6″ and 1.8″ including a sapphire-strengthened screen. Check out the new details regarding the iWatch.

This new report regarding the iWatch comes from the Economic Daily which mentions that Apple is working on three different models of the iWatch. This is so that Apple can release an iWatch which will be suitable for all age groups.

According to the report, Apple will release an iWatch with two different screen sizes. These sizes are reported to be a 1.6″; which will be aimed at women and a larger 1.8″ screen; which will be aimed at men.

The interesting bit in the report is that, Apple is considering to launch an iWatch which will have the rumoured sapphire screen - something which we have been hearing for a long time and the same material which is expected to be used on the iPhone 6.

iWatch screens

If the report is to be believed then the iWatch will come in a sapphire and a non-sapphire version. As you can imagine, the non-sapphire version will be comparatively cheaper than the other.

Apple’s smartwatch is expected to have the flexible AMOLED screens with sapphire to protect it from scratches according to an analyst.

iWatch is also expected to include wireless charging and be compatible with supported iOS 8 devices.

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