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Well Apple has released iOS 8 to the public and people are downloading it like crazy. Some of you might face problems while trying to download iOS 8 and if you do, you can always download via a direct link. So folks, if you want a direct download link to iOS 8 - I have it for you here.

Direct Download links iOS 8

Apple, only sometime ago, released iOS 8 to public. It brings tons of new features ranging from new messaging system to improved Control Center. That is just the tip of the ice berg as Apple has put a lot of effort on improving the entire ecosystem. So basically it is a must-have update.

You can download iOS 8 through iTunes or OTA but if you want a direct download link then, download iOS 8 from the links below.

Make sure you pick the right one for your device.

iOS 8 photos


iPod touch:

If you have any question about iOS 8 direct downlaod links, the post a comment below and I will get to you. Until then happy downloading!

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