Gold iPad Air 2 Coming This Month: Bloomberg

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We had been hearing reports regarding an iPad event this month: October, and today it seems we just might have the confirmation. Bloomberg, is reporting that Apple is going to lauch the iPad Air 2 this month and that too in gold colour. Check out the details of the new gold iPad Air 2 below.

Gold iPad Air 2

Sales of the iPad have been declining and Apple wants to boost them. The last iPad Apple released was in October last year, therefore this is the perfect timing for Apple to launch a new one.

So what is Apple going to include this time in the new iPad? Well the gold coloured iPad of course.

iPad gold

According to Bloomberg, Apple is going to launch the new iPad Air 2 this month. It is expected to come in three colours just like the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus: silver, grey and the new gold colour.

This will be the first time Apple will be launching an iPad, whether the iPad mini or the normal iPad in a gold coloured. Also on the list for the new iPad is the Touch ID.

But one thing that is really interesting is that Apple will be launching a large iPad called the iPad Pro with 12.9 inches display. But the iPad Pro is expected to be launched early next year.

The expected unveiling day for the iPad Air 2 is October 20 according to some rumours.

Well are you going to buy the gold iPad Air 2?

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