Samsung’s New Technology For Smartphones Allows 5X Wi-Fi Speed: Coming 2015!

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Samsung fans will have something to rejoice, if the company goes according to its plans. Samsung recently announced that they have created a new kind of technology that allows smartphones to transmit and receive Wi-Fi signals - five times the normal speed!

The announcement comes during a hard time for Samsung when its profits have sharply declined, especially during the previous quarter, when the Korean company reported a 60 percent decline in its quarterly profits. But it’s not all gloomy for Samsung.

Samsung has removed the physical barriers that made transmitting information on a higher frequency not possible before. Normally devices transmit information on the 2.4 GHz frequency but using Samsung’s new technology, information can be transmitted on the 60 GHz frequency.

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Using new hardware and few tricks, Samsung has reduced the attenuation (physical noise) which can be caused when information is sent on higher frequencies.

What this basically means for the end-user is that, Wi-Fi speeds can be increased five-folds. To just give you an example, a one GB movie can be downloaded in less than three seconds - that’s staggering!

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The best part is yet to come. Samsung also announced that the technology which will be used to increase the Wi-Fi speed will be put in smartphones which will be in the market as early as 2015! Now that is something which I would be really looking forward for.

Well, what are your thoughts on this news from Samsung?

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