Turning your iPad Mobile into a POS System

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Almost everything in today’s world is about technology. For businesses that have accepted embracing new business technologies, flourishing and growing beyond borders is their trend. Among the many technologies in the market today is POS mobile systems like Shopify, which allows the user to use their iPad mobile for their business activities.

The POS system enhances your relationship with your customers as well as making things easier for you. You can use this system to make check, cash and credit card payments. This system offers a lot of flexibility, in addition to centralizing all of your business activities making it easier for you to manage your products. Having this system is a crucial thing for your business, and especially if you want your business to adapt to the digital technology.

iPad Mobile POS system

The iPad mobile POS is most suitable for businesses such liquor stores, cafe, boutiques, restaurants, food truck and retail shops, among many others. To set up an iPad POS you will require the following hardware:

  • 1. iPad stand - you are setting up an iPad POS system and this is definitely one of the things that you will need to have: a stand for your iPad. There are a variety of stands on the market that give you a variety choice. For instance, there is the klickdesk stand, which rotates up to 360°. This stand is most suitable for the second-generation iPad and the most recent models. There is also the mophie stand that is made of aluminum; this makes it more durable, and rotates up to 180°. You can use it with the 2nd and 3rd generation classes of iPad. For more clarification on these technologies, visit VendHQ.
  • 2.  Cash drawers - you will also require these for your bills. They are usually connected to the printer via cables and you will therefore need to purchase these too. There are usually two types of cash drawers, the APG 1616 which is made of steel to make it durable and can either be a 4 slot or 5 slot. The other is the all-metal MMF1616 that also comes in either 4 or 5 slots. Printers - this piece of hardware you cannot afford to leave out when setting up your point of sale system. Your needs should determine the size of printer to buy. When buying printers, remember that you will require Ethernet cables to connect to the Internet. You might also be required to purchase other add-ons, such as the power supply unit.
  • 3. After making sure you have all the required hardware, you can download the POS for iPad mobile from the app store. However, there are other things that you need to put into account before installing your POS system. These include;
  • A) Ease of use - It is important to know first how the system works before installing it and using it for your business. Understanding it first will help you run things smoothly and you will have achieved what the system was intended for.
  • B) The software you choose to install should have sufficient support and customer care service 24/7 in the event you get stuck.
  • C) It should also offer the highest data security as possible. Considering that the system is meant to capture the data for your business and that of your customers, then data security should not be an option.

iPad Mobile POS

Ease of data accessibility should also be available in the POS System you install. The reason you are putting your system on a mobile device is to enhance accessibility. The system should therefore be able to help you access all your data wherever and whenever, so says Entrepreneur Magazine.

Finally, doing all of this is not without advantages. There are lots of things that you will gain from the POS system for iPad mobile that you will definitely fall in love with it. “I am sure that everyone wants to position themselves as more,” Mulpuru says of the point-of-sale tablet options flooding the market. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, one of the most important things that you will gain from this system is that you will get your own web platform that you can use to;

  1. Monitor your business progress, you will be able to monitor all your sales, understand which product is selling fast and also determine the remaining stock efficiently.
  2. Create your employee profiles, getting rid of old-fashioned paper files. This will help you maximize physical space, as you will no longer require cabinets to store these files. Updating your employee files also becomes easier as you can do it on your own free time or as soon as required provided you have your iPad with you.
  3. Showing your products to customers becomes easier as all you need is to show them the product photos on your tablet. This also allows cross selling, whereby you can show related items as well as pricing.
  4. Printing of your receipts and emails becomes easier than ever before.

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