Top Hacker Warns Of iCloud Bypass Activation Scammers

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There are lot’s of people trying to bypass iCloud activation, a key part in protecting iOS devices. Some of the reasons to bypass iCloud activation are: if you have forgotten your iCloud password, you have a stole phone and others. So that’s why a number of people want to know how to bypass iCloud activation. When there is a large demand - large money is involved; and there is where scammers come in.

iCloud Bypass Activation Scam

If you have been following the jailbreak scene for a long time then you would know about this particular hacker, known as Musclenerd. He has been in the iOS world for as long as I can remember (and I have been in this world for a very long time now). Today he warned about new kinds of scammers targeting people who want to bypass iCloud activation.

Bypassing iCloud activation started when two hackers introduced a free method to bypass Apple’s iCloud security. They introduced a server called doulCi which unlocked iPhone’s and bypassed iCloud activation.

Since then no other method or server is available that can bypass iCloud. Even the doulCi server does not work anymore. But that doesn’t stop scammers from creating fake ones.

iCloud activation


New so-called iCloud activation softwares have popped up, trying to lure people into paying them to bypass their iCloud on the iPhones. As you can guess, the people behind this not only scam your money but they do not bypass iCloud. A typical work of a scammer.

Musclenerd tweeted the following:

So I suggest you to stay far away from these shady services which offer to bypass iCloud activation for a fee - they are fake!

As I mentioned above doulCi services does not work too, so I suggest you stay away from it as well as Apple has probably fixed the loophole that doulCi used.

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  1. Easiest way to say it is, all of them want access to your credit card or Paypal info in some way. I’m in Canada, also been around for a long time and also know that Apple really does strive to protect its bread and butter ie: customer base and owners of their products. All of the scams that involve the “freedownload of software BUT fill out a survey, buy a product etc., basically steer towards the part where at some point you’ll enter a credit card number and validation. I tried it for a joke, used a prepaid Visa, of course, denied LOL. Since I’m in Canada, I purchase Loto tickets and allows us to register so we can purchase online loto tickets but hey, they also do NOT allow anyone to use a prepaid, it must be a valid credit card, you know, the one you get your monthly bill for? That’s how they validate your i.d and the fact you are an adult since it’s actually gambling. icloud unlocker is one site that offers free download of software so you can supposedly unlock a found (cough) phone OR you have forgotten your password(s) etc. LEGIT OWNERS DO have other alternatives. For the iCloud unlocker site, you fill out a survey, think that’s it, they next offer you 2 “gifts” which of course 1 being a free lottery ticket and guess what, it pops up with a link to wclc BUT wclc does NOT sanction this of course. Another is mdg and for 89 cents a day you can buy a product. We all know about the company and these scammers are hoping you’ll provide your info and CC number or maybe PayPal if it’s accepted. Little do you know that the hop, skip and jump is occurring and someone in Germany has your info but you’re in Canada EH? It doesn’t matter what you try, every FREE offer is going to direct you to an offer that requires you to complete some kind of validation process. What I’d like to try with someone is this: if you were about to nuke your credit cards and had 5 bucks available credit, were about to default and maybe go bankrupt, no site would know you are about out of funds on that card since purchases would occur later, billing I mean. IF an attempt WAS immediately attempted at time of signup, they’d get nothing and since you had poor credit by that time, what would it really cost or for that matter, what would it matter at all? I had not yet placed any bids for quibids which WAS a legit site and since I wasn’t paying anything yet, when I decided to try a prepaid CC, it was denied and the message arrived “contact customer support.” I DO know how these scams work and if you legitimately need help with your Apple product and can prove ownership etc., then Apple does its best to help you. The lock is virtually unbeatable for now but someone’s always looking to crack stuff like this.

  2. Tony Bonjorno

    As you said doulci website is a scam. I suspected as such so I went online to check the web to check to see the rating of
    TrialPay (the site doulci uses to scam you) I went to a site called scam finder or something. I don’t remember but the name and logo was is red. They ask you the name of the site you want and they give you a rating. The rating was 82% and the narrative was positive so I tried to download “d oulci” for free. The rest is exactly as you described. When it did not happen after In gave the order US Postage I knew it was a scam. I then went and googled “TrialPay reviews and it spewd out a whole list of people who were scammed by TrialPay just like me. They are a scam. Is there any legitiment place where you can get an icloud activation removal software?

  3. Don’t pay any website for unlocking your icloud locked or find my phone locked iPhone all the website aretotally fake don’t believe anyone
    It’s not possible to unlock find my phone locked iPhone even apple doesn’t know your password z
    Be aware stay away from fake site

  4. Hello dear support PLEASE HELP ME .. my iphone hacked by russian hackers they sent me message: i googled it also this is not my icloud mail 🙁 and old deleted
    Message from Owner:
    Ваше Аррle устройство было заблокировано.Для ознакомлениями с условиями разблокировки пишите на нашу почту указав свой Аррle ID e-mail:[email protected]
    you see message if you will search google too
    my icloud deleted i cannot use my phone problem is im 2nd buyer of this phone 🙁 and who sold me he dont know email password or credit card detalist and their box. this phone realy dont stolen i can send you my id passport i dont afraid cus im real user of this phone please help me and i write it from my friends macbook who helps me please IMEI: 01 300800 306966 1 ICCID: 8999 4041 1065 7200 477


  6. So there are Hackers that can hack in to Sony, Ashley Madison, Walmart, Home depot, the pentagon, ect

    but “No one” can hack an iphone

    • It can be done, it just hasn’t been done as far as we know. In time, there will be a published way to bypass this on older versions. That’s how it always works.

  7. Hey guys do you think this guy is legit?

    he told me that he has a apple genius working in apple and told me that he is able to unlock it in 3 days.
    What do you guys think?

    that is what he says
    iCloud Removal & Lost mode deactivation is possible with 100% guaranteed success rate. We have a Senior Security & Support Technician at one of Apple’s Genius Bar. This guy has both direct access to Apple’s Device and Apple ID databases. Our representative will be able to initiate a series of task which will have your iCloud Locked devices FULLY UNLOCKED AND LOST MODE DISABLED in a matter of hours or depending on ordering queue.

    The iCloud Lost mode status on the device will be deactivated and the current Apple ID will be removed.Device warranty, support or IMEI details cannot and will not be modified. Once the process has been completed, You will be notified to connect your device to a WIFI network or iTunes and at that moment, your device will be wiped and will be required to be configured as a brand new out of the box device.

  8. I confirm from first hand experience that iPads and iPods and watches can be unlocked by several websites. However, the iPhone is a completely different monster. I have yet to find anyone who could do a iCloud activation unlock or bypass. It’s much more complicated with the iPhone’s since they are linked to the phone carrier as well. I was scammed twice but was lucky enough to get a refund. Don’t waste your money. There is a DSN bypass on YouTube that gets you into the phone to use the Internet but you can’t download apples apps and it is a pain in the butt. They have a few apps to download but they aren’t Apple. I did it and it worked but not worth the time and energy just to get online.

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