Apple Watch Will Have 2.5 Hours Of Battery For “Heavy” Usage!

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Now this is going to sound disappointing to many people as details regarding the Apple Watch battery have come to life. The report published by respectable Mark Gurman shows that the Apple Watch will have a “heavy” usage of 2.5 hours. That means if you run processor-intensive tasks, the battery will only last 2.5 hours.

Apple Watch Battery

Apple unveiled the watch last year in September, it gave a lot of information but kept the battery details out. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, during the keynote said that you would have to “charge it every night”. Well today we are getting the details regarding the battery.

The report by Mark Gurman of 9to5mac mentions that the Apple Watch will give; 2.5 hours of heavy usage, 3.5 hours of moderate usage, four hours of fitness tracking and up to four days of sleep mode.

Apple is trying to aim for 19 hours of usage but it seems its going to miss its deadline. The version two of Apple Watch will have much increased battery life.

Apple Watch complete

The reason why Apple Watch has a low battery-life is because of the S1 processor. It’s almost as powerful as the A5 chip on an iPhone. The reason for giving it a powerful processor makes it have fluid animations running on 60 frames per second, as well as running games on it.

Apple is going to release the Apple Watch in March and will cost $349 for the base models, and some models, can go into thousands of dollars.

Well are you going to buy an Apple Watch?

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