How To Access Desktop Notification For WhatsApp

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The company behind WhatsApp made it possible to access WhatsApp on your desktop by creating “WhatsApp web”. Now with a free chrome extension (WAToolkit), you will be able to take the WhatsApp experience to a new level. Here is how you can access desktop notifications for WhatsApp on your computer.

WhatsApp Desktop Notification

WhatsApp web, the company’s web client allows you to use WhatsApp on your desktop but receiving notifications is still not available, as you have to open the client to use it. Well that is going to change now.

You will now be able to receive notifications even when chrome is not running thanks to WAToolKit; this is possible because of “Apps universal notification system”. It is the coolest thing about it, you will no longer need to open WhatsApp itself to view notifications, having them on your screen will save you a lot of time.

WhatsApp desktop

Whenever you receive a notification, a small dialogue box will appear, you just have to click on it and then it will take you to the real conversion area, which means, it is keeping you up-to-date, as well as taking you to the conversation area, with ease.

WhatsApp chrome extension

This will only happen when you are running the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone. Free chrome extension (WAToolkit) adds a handy WhatsApp button to the toolbar, which is the number of unread messages, without visiting WhatsApp page and if you want to see the summary of your conversations, just hover the mouse pointer or tap on it.


You can download WAToolKit to receive desktop notifications but do remember that this will only work if you have a Chrome browser.

Download WAToolKit.

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