How To Get Iron Man’s Jarvis Voice For Siri

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Siri, Apple’s personal assistant has been with us since Apple launched the iPhone 4S. Not many major upgrades have come to Siri but thanks to jailbreaking you can enhance the capabilities of Siri. Well, if you were thinking of changing the voice of Siri to something more interesting such as Iron Man’s Jarvis, you can now do that. Here is how to get Iron Man’s Jarvis voice as a replacement for Siri’s voice.

If you haven’t really watched Iron Man or any Marvel movie which features Iron Man (you should go and watch it), well let me tell you that Jarvis is the personal assistant of Iron Man. Giving Iron Man information regarding, well pretty much everything. Think of it as Siri but really advance.

We can’t really have Jarvis but what we can have is the voice of Jarvis, which itself is pretty cool. If you really want to get Iron Man’s Jarvis then simply follow the video guide below courtesy of Jeff from IDB.

As you can see from the video, the whole thing is not perfect but if you are an Iron Man fan then this thing is going to suffice.

iOS 9 is expected to enhance the capabilities of Siri but it is not sure to what extent it will. Any enhancing feature to Siri is going to be welcomed in iOS 9.

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