Apple Officially Responds To “iPhone Crashing Message”

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Yesterday the whole iOS community was sending messages to each other that allowed them to crash the other person’s iPhone simply by sending them a unique message. Well Apple has acknowledged the problem and has officially responded by publishing a document on how to fix the problem. This is a temporary fix with an official fix will come via a software update soon.

Apple has published the document which you can see, the solution is the one which I mentioned yesterday. Simply ask Siri to read your unread messages and once that is done, go to the messaging app and delete the message or the entire thread. The solution is pretty simple and a much-needed one if you have been receiving the message a lot.

Apple has mentioned that the a permanent solution to this malicious message will be coming in the few days via a software update. So that is good news.

iPhone 6 in store

The message which was discovered and posted on Reddit has gone viral and since then, the message has been crashing a lot of iPhone’s.

As mentioned above, the solution is pretty simple so you don’t need to restore your iPhone, which some people have been reported to do.


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