Code in iOS 9 Confirms iPhone 6S With Force Touch

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This is something we all know but today we have the confirmation via code. Code in iOS 9 points towards Force Touch technology for the next iPhone. Which most of the previous rumors and reports had been mentioning.

Hamza Sood, a well known developer has found the code (embedded below) which shows the Force Touch being tested out on the iPhone 6S.

This is obviously nothing new as we had been hearing about the Force Touch for quite sometime from well reputable news publications. The code just confirms it even further.

iPhone 6 in store

Force Touch Technology is already in other Apple products such as the Macbook. This technology allows you to ‘deep press’ the trackpad (in Macbook) or screen (future iPhone). The advantage of having this is, it allows the developers to give you more option when you press something harder,i.e. in games or other apps that require constant screen contact.

The iPhone 6S is expected to pack: a much improved 12 megapixel camera, 2GB RAM, A9 processor, new rose gold color and much more.

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