iPhone 6S Will Still Come In 16 GB Base Model No 32 GB!

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A lot of people were expecting Apple to completely forgo the 16 GB base model for the up-coming iPhone 6S but it seems that it might not be true after all. This confirmation comes via a recent leaked picture of the packaging of the iPhone 6S.

There were rumors going around that Apple would finally upgrade the base model of the iPhone to a 32 GB one. But unfortunately those seem to be wrong.

The picture was posted below on Twitter showing the packaging of a 16 GB model for the iPhone 6S. The picture which is hard to confirm whether it is legit or not does have some value to it, as it was posted by a well-known leaker.

iPhone 6S 16 GB

The reason why Apple is not stopping the 16 GB model from going on sale is because the profit on it is still quite a lot. If Apple removed the 16 GB in favor of the 32 GB - everyone would just go for that one and not the higher end ones.

It seems that the iPhone 6S will still come with the 16 GB - maybe the 32 GB base model will come for the iPhone 7? That’s a long time to wait.

What are your thoughts?

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