Facebook’s ‘Dislike Button’ Is Not What You Think!

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Today, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and founder announced on its Townhall Q&A at Facebook something most of us had been eagerly waiting for - a dislike button! Yes folks, the ‘dislike button’ is finally coming but it is not what you think! The dislike button which will be shipped out to some test users is not exactly like down voting a post - it’s much more complicated than that.

When asked a question regarding the ‘dislike button’, Mark replied saying that he has received tons of questions about the dislike button and finally he is announcing that they are working on it! Which to some might be good news as not everything you see on Facebook can be ‘liked’.

But unlike the ‘like’ button, the ‘dislike button’ as some are calling is, is going to be different because Facebook doesn’t want a voting system. It wants people to feel that they are a community and people care for them, that’s why the new Facebook button might be somewhat of a ‘empathy button‘.

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You can check out the entire Q&A at Facebook for Mark in the video embedded below, in which he talks about many other things including Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Virtual Reality and much more.
The question about the dislike button is the first one in this video.

Here’s the video from today’s Townhall Q&A at Facebook. People from around the world asked questions about education,…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, 15 September 2015

As you can see from the video as Mark explains, the process is not simple because people do not just want a dislike button they want much more than that. For example, if someone passes away, currently you have the like button but clicking like on such a post does not sound right and even with the ‘dislike’ button, it would feel bad. So the team which is building the Facebook dislike button has to do much more to show emotion.

What do you think about the Facebook dislike button? Good idea or bad?

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