Microsoft HoloLens Costs $3000: Here’s How To Buy One

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Remember those cool videos you saw which projected holographic images? That’s Microsoft’s HoloLens, the futuristic device that Microsoft is currently working on. If you wanted to buy one; well, now you can as Microsoft is offering HoloLens for developers!

Microsoft has demoed the futuristic device which shows holograms to people wearing the device. So far it looks really cool and some organizations have had early access to the HoloLens including NASA. But now Microsoft wants to get HoloLens in your hands; especially for those talented developers.


Microsoft has announced HoloLens Developer Edition for those people who want to buy the device. But mind you, this is only for developers and it has a strict criteria for those people looking to get their hands on one.

The important thing to note about HoloLens developer edition is that it is only available for developers in United States and Canada. Also you need to be a Windows Insider and have your data sent to Microsoft to improve the device.

Once you meet the criteria, be ready to shell out $3000! Yup, it’s one hell of an expensive developer edition holographic device.

If you are a developer and want to develop apps for the future, Microsoft HoloLens is the device to buy.

Are you going to buy one?

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