They Have Hired People We’ve Fired: Elon Musk On Apple Car

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Apple Car is the hot topic these days in the Silicon Valley and in the automotive industry. Every CEO of a major automotive company is being asked about the Apple Car a.k.a ‘Project Titan’. This time it was CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk who was in the spotlight and he had some harsh words for Apple’s car.

Apple is currently working on building an electric car that can compete with the giants of today’s car industry and current leader in electric cars: Tesla.

Tesla CEO was recently asked in Germany about what he thought of Apple car and about Apple being on a hiring spree especially poaching employees from Tesla Motors.

Elon Musk said, “they have hired people we’ve fired” when asked about Tesla employees leaving for building Apple’s car. And, he wasn’t really worried about the Apple car as he said that Apple is good at building smartphones and watches but cars are an entire different category.

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He also referred to Apple as being the “Tesla graveyard” and mentioned that “people who can’t make it at Tesla, work for Apple”. These are some serious harsh words for Apple from Tesla.

Let’s see how Apple responds to these comments but it probably won’t.

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