Apple CEO Mentions Autonomous Driving Is The Future

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We already have confirmation that Apple is working on a car but that is it, there are still no concrete details regarding the Apple car itself but today we might have some hint on where Apple is heading with its car project. It seems that autonomous driving is going to be a key part of the Apple Car.

Tim Cook was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and as you might have guessed, the Apple car topic came up. Although the interviewer did not directly ask about the Apple Car but the automotive industry did come up and one of the questions was regarding where Tim Cook sees the car industry going to. And, the answer was something which we might expect - autonomous driving.

Many reports have claimed that Apple is working on an autonomous car but the first version will not be a complete self-driving one, instead it will focus on other autonomous features.

BMW i3 Apple Car

The other interesting thing Tim Cook mentioned in the interview was that there was going to be a massive change coming in the car industry - again pointing towards the Apple Car.

You can check out the interview in the video embedded below.

Well it surely is interesting to know what Apple has planned for the car division. Any thoughts?

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