Cydia Updated To Fix Crashing Issues!

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Cydia regularly receives updates, each update bringing in bug fixes and other minor improvements. Sometimes Cydia will receive a major update but that rarely happens. And, today Cydia received an upgrade but a minor one but enough for you to definitely install it.

The update comes to Cydia’s Substrate, the thing that tweaks hook onto for them to function properly; the most basic way I can explain that. Well, Cydia Substrate has been updated to version 0.9.6110 (weird numbers I know).

What this update does is basically stops some Cydia tweaks from crashing your device (that is why this is an important update).

According to the change log:

0.9.6110 fixes an issue where extension that are corrupt (often by the developer for obfuscation purposes) causes Substrate’s attempt to detect whether the extension will cause the process to crash to actually just cause Substrate to crash. (In addition to all of the usual numerous improvements I make every time I cut a new release).

Cydia repo

As you can read from the change log, the update is a pretty important one; therefore, you should definitely update it by heading over to Cydia.

Well folks, that’s your weekly dose of Cydia updates. More coming in the future!

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