How To Get Dark Mode Throughout iOS 9

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Cydia has tons of great tweaks that enable you to truly enhance the experience of your iOS device, and today we have a tweak that does that exactly. Nightmode9 brings ‘dark mode’ or ‘night mode’ throughout iOS 9 for an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Details below.

There have been many tweaks which attempted to bring some form of dark mode system-wide but most of them have failed as bringing a system-wide dark mode is truly hard. Well, Nightmode9 is not one of those as it does a pretty great job.

Nightmode9, as the name suggest brings dark mode and multiple other colors system-wide throughout iOS 9. Meaning no matter what native app you are using, you are going to experience the same thing.

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Now, I’m not going to say that this app is perfect as it does lack in some aspects. Such as the dark mode in Cydia and the calendar app is not perfect, as there are still some white spaces left out.

Jeff from IDB has a great video detailing the features of the Nightmode9 Cydia tweak. Check it out!

The tweak is available for $0.99 via the BigBoss repo. If you are into customizing your iPhone, this tweak is definitely worth it.

What are your thoughts on this?

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