Facebook Launches Live Videos & Photo Collages

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Facebook every now and then introduces changes to its Facebook app and today is one of those days. Facebook today introduced live videos and photo collages for its iPhone app. This update might seem small but it is truly going to enrich your experience, especially those of you who use Facebook a lot. Let’s check out the new update in detail below.

Facebook Live Videos

Facebook had been internally experimenting on Facebook live videos. To give you an exact idea on what this is, basically think of this as Periscope for Facebook. The app that allowed you to view what people were doing in real life. When it first came out, it was actually very cool.

Facebook live video

To use the new Facebook live video just tap on the status update area and tap on the Live Video icon. Once you are done it will let you know that you are about to go live. From there you can choose whether you want the video to be available for only friends or make it public. Once everything is done, you are good to go.

While you are live, it will let you know how many viewers are watching your live feed and you can see what they are commenting. This is definitely a great feature that Facebook is introducing.

Facebook Live videos are available for a selected number of iPhone users in the United States. It will be rolled out to other users in the coming weeks.

Facebook live button

Facebook Collages

The other feature that Facebook has introduced today is Facebook Collages. The name tells you everything. Facebook has introduced new beautiful collages

When you tap on the photo button, it will take you to your camera roll where your photos and videos will be organized into collages. From there you can select collages and upload it.

Facebook collage

These two features are going to make the Facebook experience even better especially the Facebook live videos. What do you think?

(Via Facebook Newsroom)

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