Unlocking The iPhone - The Carrier

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As part of our ‘unlocking iPhone and bypassing iCloud activation‘ series, I bring you the second chapter regarding the carrier for unlocking the iPhone. Since a lot of user request guides on unlocking iPhones and most methods are different for different carriers, therefore this topic will focus on which carrier we should pick first and move on.

Unlocking iPhone - Carrier

Here at Maypalo, I have written tons of guides regarding unlocking iPhone for years and these guides have been changing throughout the years. And, recently most of these guides have been focusing on asking carriers to unlock. These range from paying the carriers to paying an amount to getting the iPhone unlocked. But most of these have been focused on carriers from U.S. such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. But what about the others?

So to focus on the carriers most people have and are not the ones mentioned above, I want you guys to comment below, so I can get the guides for those carries regarding unlocking iPhone.

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Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore the ones above; I will post guides regarding those too but I want to focus on the ones that haven’t gotten a lot of voice. So if you want to unlock iPhone that is locked to a specific carrier then I want you to comment below.

Now there are two methods of unlocking: one is the paid method which I will mention and the second one is the free method. Since the free method is not easy and complex therefore it will take some time until I write on the free guide for unlocking the iPhone.

If you are an unlock provider for the iPhone contact Maypalo if you want your service to be featured. But for the others, just comment below regarding which service you want first to get unlocked.

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  1. Hlw bro!! I read your all post and i am your big fan.i have a iPhone 6 and that is japan Docomo carrer lock .in our country there are no server to unlock my phone by paying money.i want it unlock free pls bro give me a slove how can i unlock it free…

  2. Sprint iPhone 5 seems to be a trouble point. Apparently it is only available to be unlocked for international use only. I have read many different ideas and thoughts on why it can’t be unlocked for domestic use, but nothing specific to satisfy my curiosity. It is clearly capable of using any GSM or CDMA network worldwide … e.g. I have used multiple carrier SIM cards and it registers to each network without any issues. If you can please include the REAL truth on unlocking an iPhone 5 from Sprint.

  3. Hi. JC here from the Philippines. Any chance to unlock my iPhone 6s under Smart Telecom carrier? Appreciate your help and update. Thank you!

  4. Hey,

    great Blog and your new series?
    How about the bypass info you were talking about 😀
    Don´t let us wait dude ! Thx for your efforts.

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