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Apple today released a massive update to the iOS ecosystem with the release of iOS 9.3 beta 1 to developers. If you are a developer then you are in for a big surprise as Apple’s latest update to iOS has added a bunch of new features, which are going to enhance your iOS experience.

iOS 9.3 Beta Download

The latest update makes way to developers with features such as: Night Shift mode, improvements for: Note, Health, New 3D action short cuts, News, CarPlay and much more.

This is by far one of the biggest beta updates to iOS 9 after the iOS 9 update itself. Apple brings in tons of improvements in almost all categories. So let’s start with a few of them.

If you head over to the Notes app on an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you will see that you can now password protect it, which was a much-needed feature.

Besides that Apple has introduced a new feature called Night Shift, what this basically does is, it checks your location and time and determines when to transform the screen colors to better suit your eyes. What it means is that the screen color would change in to warmer colors when it is starting to get dark. A really cool feature.

iOS 9.3 Night Shift

The other app that has been updated is the News app, which apparently is quite popular with readers. The remake gives people access to more content and new categories and you will also be able to watch videos in the app itself without having to leave it.

iOS 9.3 education benefits

Another new feature in iOS 9.3 beta is related to education. It will give teachers and students to access better education content and be able to share various new educational material easily. Apple is doing this with the new app called ‘Classroom’.

In iOS 9.3 beta you can have multiple Apple Watch’s. So those people who had more than one watch can easily connect all of them.

This iOS 9.3 beta update is a must-have if you are a developer. So go ahead and download iOS 9.3 beta for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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