Check Out This New iPhone 7 Concept for 2016 (Video)

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Another day another new concept for a next generation iPhone. This time we have for the iPhone 7, which is expected to be released this year. Unlike the last year’s iPhone, this year we are expecting the iPhone to have a new design. So how it might look like? Well this concept shows an iPhone 7 inspired by the iPod touch mixed with iPhone 3G.

This iPhone 7 concept features: a stainless steel body, is slimmer and lighter than the previous iPhone 6S but at the same time is stronger than before.

It has improved 3D Touch, Force Touch and four times faster CPU than the previous generation iPhone. But what makes this device truly remarkable is that it has a complete scratch resistance body.

Well enough with the talking, let’s take a look a look at the iPhone 7 concept video.

As you can see this concept looks realistic and even the features it has are pretty ‘real’ but would this be the iPhone 7? I don’t think so. Apple is a company that looks forward and by releasing an iPhone this like, it would mean going back, which it won’t do.

Thoughts about this iPhone 7 concept?

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